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This site was born out of the need for a consolidated forum in which to preserve the rich and interesting heritage of Marion Illinois. My aspirations for this site are that Marion citizens who still live in town and those who have moved away will find it a rich resource for all things Marion.

My hopes are that visitors to this site will register and then use the comment sections after each picture or bit of history posted and add their own comments and memories so that we can capture as much information in the minds of living citizens who grew up here.

Every day we lose citizens who take with them their memories. Let’s try and capture as much of this information as we can before it all slips away.

Registration is free so enjoy the site and I encourage you to share any memories, recollections or pictures that you have.


Do you Remember the Kimmel Building Fire on North Market or the Cox Hardware Fire on the Square ?

Thanks to photos taken by A.C. (Cliff) Storme back in 1963 that were donated to the Williamson County Historical Society, we get a chance to look back at these events.

To view the Kimmel Fire photos from December 17, 1963, Click Here!

To view the Cox Hardware Fire photos from May 7, 1963, Click Here!

Marion History Trivia

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Check your Family Photo Albums !

Is your family a pioneer family that arrived here before 1839? Did anyone in your family serve the city in some capacity ? Perhaps, a family member owned a business or played a role in Marion’s development? If so, please consider preserving that information and sharing it with the rest of Marion. We want your stories, memories and photos. Look for old buildings or long gone landmarks in the background of family photos and share.

Voluntary History Researchers Needed

This is a huge undertaking and will require considerable time. Anyone who has an interest in or has already researched any of the categories listed in the navigation bar above could help us out considerably by  contacting us and allowing us to use your data. Any author contributions will be given full credit on the site for their work. Even if you don’t already have information but would like to help in some way please contact me. Thanks, Sam Lattuca

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Post Revision History

05/08/2017    Revise footnotes on F.E. Parks

07/18/2017    Revise footnotes on Alan D. Kuhn

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  1. Not sure how to start a new topic…but my Grandfather’s name was Reuben Morgan. He passed away in 1987 followed the next year by his wife Irene Grode Fehringer Morgan. My Grandmother was Reuben’s first wife Missouri Deer Morgan. The bulk of my Grandfather’s estate was left to Irene, who to he best of my knowledge left everything to her kids when she passed. Although it has been many years, my Dad, Roy Wayne Morgan (who is now 82) and Reuben’s other children my aunt Devona (Morgan) Bloodworth, aunt Loretta (Morgan) Crosson & uncle Amel Morgan never received any keepsakes from their father, my Grandfather. Although these things may be long gone, I have to try to reach out to Irene’s relatives (I do not know any of their names) in hopes that someone may have something. It would mean so much to my Dad. Any assistance would be appreciated.

    • I did a quick search and found the following information. Hopefully it will be of some help. You can get a copy of her obituary from the Southern Illinois Newspaper located in Carbondale, IL. that may have the list of her children.

      Aug 17, 1988 – Southern Illinoisan (Carbondale, Illinois), Wednesday, August 17, 1988, Page 11. … 16, 1988, in the Skilled Care Unit of Franklin Hospital in Benton. …. Irene Morgan MARION Irene Morgan, 72, of Route 5 died at 7:30 p.m. … She was born March 31, 1916, in Jacob to Theodore and Amalia (Stueve) Grode.

    • The Morgan’s built the large brick ranch house across the road (Route 37) from my parents and grandparents when I was a kid. I spent a decent amount of time around Reuben and Irene and I knew he had kids but I never heard anything about her children. Wish I could be more helpful! Good luck.

  2. hello i have lived in marion my whole life and have started learning a lot about the history of marion I enjoy metal detecting as a hobby and was wondering if anyone had any old homesteads or old untouched property they would be interested in letting me metal detect im not out to get rich anything that is found can be split up and if its a big historical find can be donated to the marion city museum please email me at codymcroy6@gmail.com or post on here

  3. I am a history buff and believe in saving it. I purchased at an auction an old bible in a wooden box that it was stored in when not in use. The bible s a King James Version and on the front of the bible it says it came from the: Archbald Lodge NO 392 L.O.O.F. Anyone interested?

  4. Rev JW Cummins of the Methodist Church parsonage that is now a parking lot was my great grandfather. I remember him fondly when I was a child.Thanks for the report.

    • I would like to know more about JW Cummins. My grandmother was a Cummins, & her brother was a Methodist minister. I only know for sure that he was called Buck Cummins, because his family called him that. He was from the Reeevesville area of Southern Illinois. Thank you! Gail A. Henard

      • Am interested in trying to connect the Cummins family with my immigrant family: Nancy Jane Cummons Hooper and/or James Cummings. Spellings are sometimes peculiar! These people arrived some time between 1857 and 1860 in Marion, Williamson County. Nancy Janes is believed to have died there in 1864. Any connections would be valuable!

        Dan Hooper in Nipomo, California

  5. does anyone remember a fish market on east market st. run by bunk emery?? fished ky lake with him as young boy…thanks for any and all information…rodger

  6. Hi everyone. My name is Wendy and I own a website called Digitalballparks as well as being the author of 500 Ballparks, which has had well over 1 million visitors.

    We are trying to gather photographs of every single stadium in the world ever used for professional baseball.
    Please let us know if you have (or know who does have) photographs of MARION’s CITY PARK used for the Marion Indians during the late 1940’s. We need photographs of the ARCHITECTURE of the stadium… the grandstand inside and out… NOT the players or just the field. We also need for any other ballparks (such as West Frankfort) or any other now demolished baseball stadiums anywhere in the world that have ever been used for pro baseball. (We have plenty of Rent One Park… we need the ones that are now gone!).
    If you do find any, please send us an email to digitalballparks@yahoo.com. Thanks so much!!!

  7. I am a 28 year old Johnson County native who recently moved to marion. I am a major history buff and i just cant get enough about the past. I am so appreciative that you’ve put this site together and i would like to be a part of it. I think I’ve literally been browsing for the last twelve hours.

  8. I love reading about our town and where it’s at today. I thought I knew quite a bit about our history but this site has really educated me. Some places I had forgotten such as Fair Furniture and seeing it just floods memories of other places I had forgotten. Anyways, glad I found this site. Thank you.

      • Yeah I sure will. I lived in New Denison southeast of Marion for about 5 years. My friends across the highway (Rt. 166) were the Rush family. We played on the old railroad bed all the time. It used to run directly behind our house way back when. I never have found anything about that little place but heard there was a post office and a general store. I was a young kid then so I really don’t know if that’s true or not but I used to imagine what it once might have been back then.

        • I too, grew up near New Denison. I was born in 1946 at the end of the Old Creal Springs Road. Shortly after my birth my family bought land just south east of New Denison. That is where I lived for the next 11 years. we grew up across the road from the Diefenbach family. We played with them until Neil and Bill had already left the house and Robert was still at home.
          As a very little girl I remember going to New Denison when the old general store and post office was still there. It was a small white building, much like an old school house. The store had already ceased doing business as a general store, but the post office was still there. (in the same structure) I remember climbing the flag pole -all the way to the top! My mother was so afaid when she saw me up there. Shortly after that the building was closed and then torn down. I also started school at the Old Cherry Valley School. A great place to grow up. I live in California now, but Marion is always in my heart.


  9. I grew up in a house that had been moved from the area that became the ordnance plant in WW11. (ORDILL) It was probably moved in 1943 or 1942.) My father worked for a while as a guard at the plant. He had a sharpshooter medal that I recall seeing in a box. He spent some cold nights at the guard house at the entrance which I believe was off Highway 13. The house still stands. I am curious, is there a source to find out where the house might have been before it was moved? The house is now located on the Old Johnson City Road between the County Line and the Boner Cemetery.

    • Hi,
      A 1908 plat map of the area is available to download. Some resident sites are noted on the map and may give a general area if the property owner’s name is known for 1908. Good luck. This is probably in Carterville township, Williamson County.

    • As Lin Barrel pointed out, it would be necessary to know the original property owner’s name, having said that, I found a list containing 373 names of property owners and a map that shows the location of each purchased property by the government. If there is any interest, I would be happy to post the list and the map. My recommendation would be to dig back and see if you can figure out who the original owner was and we can chase it from there.

  10. I was recently given 2 old bricks that said MARION on them, doing a websearch I found your site and the knowledge that Marion had its own brick company at one time. Very interesting. My wife and I both enjoy history.

    • That’s great, glad you enjoy the site. Marion had two brick plants simultaneously just after the turn of the century. If your like me, you will be pleasingly surprised at how sophisticated Marion was in the early days.

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