Marion Pressed Brick Co., Marion, Illinois

Marion Pressed Brick Company was first set upon its feet in May, 1903. It was organized by Chas. A. Gent, J. C. Mitchell and S.R. Fuller, commissioners, with $25,000 capital stock. The original stockholders were, besides the above named gentlemen, Adele Holland, W.H. Warder, E.N. Rice, L.C. Campbell, A.L. Cline, John H. Duncan and M.L. Baker. Its officers in 1904 were A.L. Cline, president; J.C. Mitchell, vice president; L.C. Campbell, secretary and treasurer; J.R. Lamport, superintendent of works.

The plant consisted of 40 acres of the very best of brick clay land, lying level at the northwest crossing of the Coal Belt and the Illinois Central railroads, and had a switch track to both.

They ran four down draft kilns, having a capacity of 75,000 bricks each. They used the Quincy Improved Clay Gatherer, which gathered enough clay at one time for 300 bricks: and the Boyd Four-Mold Pressed Brick Machine, having a capacity of 20,000 bricks each day of ten hours.

They began construction work in June, 1903, and were pressing brick in the following September.

They initially gave employment on an average of to 20 men daily. Their output was largely disposed of at home, but they found a market for their surplus in the near-by towns of Carterville, Herrin, Johnson City and the outlying towns along the railroads.

In 1913, the plant was managed by E.C. Forbush, employed several people and shipped bricks to six states.

The 1906 directory listing for this company indicates they are at W. Goodall and N. Carbon which is confirmed by their presence on the accompanying 1918 map. Most maps of the day also showed a substantial pond, related to their business that was located where the Perma Treat Company is currently located just to the west of N. Carbon and alongside the railroad tracks. This pond was still visible in the aerial view photo of the I-57 clover leaf taken for the cover of the 1964 Marion Memory Kit.

In the 1922 Marion directory, their name had changed to Marion Pressed Brick and Tile Company and they were located at 406 N. Granite Street.

By the 1927 directory there is no longer any listing or presence found of them.

Sam’s Notes: Apologies for the poor photo, but it’s the only one I’ve found. Perhaps it can be replaced with a better one someday, if found.

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(Data from 1905 Souvenir history, WCHS; photo from Marion, the Opportunity City, 1913; Marion City Directories; compiled by Sam Lattuca on 04/24/1013)


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  1. I am the Grandson of Isaac Lamport. He was superintendent of the Marion Pressed Brick Co. at its conception. I am currently in the process of transferring his diary from that time period. I am very impressed with this article, however, I wanted to let you know that Grandpa’s initials were I. R. not J. R. Thank you for having this article available. If I can be of any help in relation to information I may have about Grandpa or the brickyard please let me know.

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