County Poor Farm Cemetery

The County Poor Farm Cemetery was located in the SW1/4 of NE 1/4, Section 12, West Marion Township. When funeral home director and former sheriff G.J. Frick purchased the Poor Farm in 1946, the county held out the part containing the graves, selling 34.29 acres out of the 40 acre tract.

All records are from the Williamson County Death Records unless otherwise noted. It is possible the ones that say buried in Potter’s Field are actually buried in the potter’s field section of Rose Hill, but I have included them here because they died at the county farm, which was across the road from the cemetery, and it is possible they were buried in County Farm Cemetery. This is by no means meant to be a complete list of burials that were in this cemetery. It is a collection of items found during several years of research. Continue reading

Kirby, Dennis L. 1892-1918, First Vet’s Body Returned from Foreign Soil

This newspaper clipping from 1918 captures the first time that the body of a Williamson County soldier had been returned from foreign soil. It, unfortunately, would not be the last.

Body of Soldier Arrives From England

Dennis L. Kirby, former private in the 113 Sanitary Train, is to be buried with military honors in Marion on Tuesday afternoon. The body was returned from England on Sunday and is held at the Cash Undertaking Parlor pending the funeral. Continue reading

Felts, Melvin L. 1924-2001, WWII Veteran

Melvin L. Felts 1924-2001Melvin Lee Felts was born October 17, 1924 in Pittsburg to Troy Felts and Vivian Williams. He graduated from Pittsburg High School in 1942 and entered the navy on July 15, 1942. While serving in the U.S. Navy, his parents were employed in a Chicago war plant and his brother, Floyd E. Felts, was a machinist’s mate in the Navy.

In 1945, he was awarded a bronze star and cited by Admiral W.F. Halsey for outstanding service in action against the Japanese. Continue reading

1950, Washington School Built in 1886 Still Serving Marion Youth

Washington School 1950Washington School, Built in 1886 Still Serving Marion’s Youth

The Washington School is probably the best constructed school building in the city system with the exception of the recently constructed Jefferson building. Rumors dating back nearly a decade have had the old seventh and eighth grade school condemned, or should be condemned. But the fact remains and backed up by state investigators, that the school is not condemned, never has been, and will not be condemned unless situation unforeseen make it so. Continue reading

Daniel’s Food Market, 514 N. Market St.

Daniels Market in IC Depot 11 17 1950In November of 1950, the old Illinois Central train depot in the 500 block of N. Market Street got temporarily repurposed and was occupied as a grocery store for twenty years. Upon its original opening it was called Daniel’s Super Market, 514 N. Market St., and drew over 2,000 people who made purchases in the store. During the opening the store gave away 2,500 orchids to women who visited the store. Continue reading