Ensminger, John A. 1827-1908, Marion Constable, Alderman & Civil War Vet

John A. Ensminger was born at Equality in Gallatin County, Illinois, on October 11, 1827 near the salt works. His father was Emanuel Ensminger, who was born in 1777 and died in 1832. His mother was Catherine Davenport, born about 1787. The Ensminger’s were early pioneers to Gallatin County and hardy stock, established by the fact that his father, Emanuel, walked 100 miles and back, to Vincennes, Ind., for a license to marry his wife, which he secured and the couple were united at Shawneetown. Continue reading

Evans, Dr. George W. 1848-1913, Alderman and Medical Doctor

George William Evans was the son of William Spratley Evans, M.D.  (1808-1904) and Martha Ann Moore (xxx-1924). He was born October 1, 1848 in Logan County, Kentucky. 

His father William S. Evans was the son of Benjamin Moseley Evans, a tailor of Murphysboro, North Carolina and was born July 18, 1808 in Southampton County, Virginia. His first wife was Mary J. Moore. They lived first in Henry County, Missouri and after three to five years they moved to Ashley, Washington County, Ill.  Two years later they moved to Marion, Illinois.  He graduated from Eclectic Medical College, Cincinnati and studied under Dr. Beach of New York. He began his practice of medicine in 1846.  He was nearly 70 when he quit practicing medicine.  He was also a licensed preacher from an early age in Virginia. William Spratley Evans died on April 26, 1904. Continue reading

Holland, Caleb T. 1845-1924, Alderman & Civil War Vet, Duncan and Holland Lumber

Caleb Tarleton Holland was born Jul 28, 1845 in White Day, Virginia (West Virginia after the 1860’s) to Jacob Holland (1816-1875) and Emily Tarleton (1819-1857).   Jake was born in Morgantown, West Virginia and died in Harrisburg, Illinois. 

Caleb’s parents, Jacob and Emily, were married in Monongalia County, West Virginia Dec 6, 1837.  They had six children: Mollie, Cordelia (1840), Brice (1842-1922), Caleb, Romulus D. “Tobe” (1847), Evaline (1849) all born in West Virginia. Emily died in 1857 and Jake remarried to Sophronia Bogus (1825) in Virginia. They had five children:  Lucien (1859), Bruce (1861), Idella (1863), Guy (1865) and Zera (1868). Continue reading

Duncan, James H. 1840-1901, Merchant, Alderman, Sheriff, J.H. Duncan & Co., Duncan House

Duncan James HJames Hartwell Duncan, five term Marion alderman, three term county sheriff and Marion merchant, was born in 1840, the son of George W. Duncan (1817-1878) and Rosey A. Henson (1812-xxxx). James appears to have favored his middle name of Hartwell.

In the 1850 census, his parents, George and Rosey, had 7 children, 10 years of age and under: James H., 10; Mary A. and Nancy J., twins, 8; Elizabeth F., 6; Viola, 5.; Narcissa, 2; and George W., who was only a few months old. They were living in Williamson County, Illinois. Continue reading

Stewart, James H. 1827-1902, Marion Trustee & County Treasurer

James Holiday Stewart, Marion trustee and Williamson County treasurer, was born on December 28, 1827 in the Northern Precinct of Williamson County, Illinois, the son of James S. Stewart (1773-1834) and Rachel Salina Roberts (1787-1875).  They lived just south of … Continue reading