Smith, J.C.B. 1859-1930, Title, Abstract and Law Firm

John C. B. Smith was born on February 3, 1859 to Thomas Smith (1829 – xxxx) and Narcissus Jane May (1835 – xxxx) in New Columbia, Massac County, Illinois.

In the 1850 census, his 22 year old, unmarried father, Thomas, was living in Massac County, Illinois with 24 year old James and Queentina Smith who are suspected to be his brother and sister-in-law.  Thomas’s future bride to be, Narcissus Jane May, lived three houses down from them. On October 24th of the same year, 1850, Thomas Smith and Jane May were married. Continue reading

Warder, William H. 1859-1936, Warder Law Firm, 502 S. Market St.

William H. Warder, legislator, attorney and teacher, was born on August 21, 1859 in Johnson County, Illinois, the second son of Joseph Warder (1810-1887) and Anne T. Kirkham (1822-1890). His mother, Anne, was the daughter of Thomas Kirkham and Elizabeth Pruitt.

Joseph Warder and Ann Thomas Kirkham (1822) were married near the Blue Lick Springs, in Fleming County, Kentucky on Feb 3, 1842. They resided in Flemingsburg for 7 or 8 years and then moved to Maysville, the county seat of Mason County, Kentucky where they lived for about two years. Two children, Elizabeth and Isabell, had been born to them while they resided in Flemingsburg. Continue reading

Calvert, Jerome B. 1846-1904, City Attorney, Calvert Law Firm

Jerome Bonaparte Calvert, Marion lawyer and city attorney, was born on October 12, 1846 in Williamson County, Illinois, the son of Napolean “Bone” Bonaparte (1822-1882) and Sarah Reynolds  (1823-xxxx ) Calvert.

His father, Napoleon B. Calvert, was the son of John N. Calvert who traveled from Alabama to Massac and later to Pope and Williamson County.  In 1845 he was one of the first elders when a Presbyterian Church was organized in Marion. Continue reading

Clemens, William W. 1839-1915, Attorney, City Trustee & Judge

William Wallace Clemens, lawyer, judge, bank officer and Marion city Trustee, was born on a farm in Crittenden County, Kentucky on September 29, 1839, the son of Jonathan R. Clemens.  His father was born May 24, 1811 in Livingston County, Kentucky and died February 23, 1862 in Crittenden County. William’s mother, Minerva Robertson, was born October 21, 1815 in Livingston County, Kentucky and died there on Jan 4, 1907. Continue reading

Hay, John A. 1902-1967, Ferrell-Hay Law Firm

John Allen Hay was born in Marion on March 17, 1902, at 513 S. Market Street in the home of his grandparents, Romulus and Adelle Holland who built the home in 1875. John was the second child born to the marriage of Charles W. Hay (1873-1967) and Elizabeth “Bess” Holland.

John’s mother, Bess Holland, died in 1908 when he was only six years old and the situation was reflected in the 1910 census. His grandfather, Romulus Holland, owner of the home on S. Market, was 64 and a salesman for a coal oil distributor. John’s father, Charles W. Hay, owned a shoe store at 304 Public Square, next to the First National Bank and was a widower, 37 years of age. Continue reading