1875, Bloody Vendetta in the News

The following post is a compilation of newspaper accounts from 1875 recounting the individuals and events that constituted the event commonly referred to historically as “the bloody vendetta.” It includes some firsthand interviews of those involved and having knowledge of the events at the time. Continue reading

1876, “The History of Williamson County”, by Milo Erwin

Bloody VendettaMilo Erwin was 29 years old when he wrote “The History of Williamson County, Illinois” in 1876. Our country was 100 years old and Williamson County was 37 years old. The Bloody Vendetta was scarcely over and many wounds, no doubt, were fresh. His book had 283 pages and only 123 were used to tell that story; the remaining pages told the history of our county from formation to 1876. Many pages were used to tell of his admiration of the hardy stock that settled here and shaped the history of Williamson County. Continue reading

The Mysterious End of Milo Erwin

Bloody VendettaAnyone studying the history of Williamson County will find out quickly that your resources are slim. There are only a few books that were written to establish fairly comprehensive guides as to how things were back in the beginning.

One of those mainstays is a book written in 1876 by Milo Erwin. It was called “History of Williamson County, from the earliest times to the present, Continue reading