1927, Council Favors S. Market as Route for Highway 37

Old Rt 37 RoadbedIn 1927, when Illinois State Highway 37 was in the planning stages, it was recommended that the route pass through Marion on Court Street. However, as this article from the Daily Republican indicates, the more favorable route preferred by Marion citizens and the city council would have been South Market, straight through the heart of the downtown business district at the time. Fortunately for us, that never happened and Court Street was ultimately chosen and built in the early 1930’s. Continue reading

1963, Marion Buys, Leases Land

Marion Buys, Leases Land

Land purchase and lease to meet future expansion needs of the Marion sewer department were approved by the City Council Monday night.

The council approved paying $950 to Mrs. Estella Ford for 1.4 acres of land adjacent to the sewer plant south of Boyton Street. Continue reading