Jones, Henry C. 1853-1949, Commissioner, Postmaster & County Clerk

Henry C. Jones, Marion City Commissioner and Postmaster, was born November 3, 1853 near Creal Springs in Williamson County, Illinois to John S. and Sarah F. (Powers) Jones. He secured such education as farm boys generally get in the district schools and followed the plow until 25 years ago.

Henry’s marriage took place while he was living on the farm, February 13, 1871. His wife was Miss Mary J. Bower, daughter of William J. and Elizabeth J. (McInturff) Bower, who farmed near Crab Orchard. Mary J. Bower was born in Christian County, Kentucky on January 4, 1852. Continue reading

Mitchell, William N. 1814-1879

William N. Mitchell was the paternal ancestor of a long line of prominent citizens, he served as Williamson County Clerk, Marion Postmaster, was the fourth and last person to serve as President of an incorporated Marion Board of Trustees before Marion started using the Mayoral form in 1874 and he helped organize and ran on the first ever Republican ticket in Williamson County, not to mention his involvement in the first Republican county newspaper. Continue reading

Miller, Ray 1891-1977, Miller Abstract & Title Insurance

Ray Miller 1891-1977Ray Miller, teacher, principal, county officer, and a second generation Fair Board member, was born on April 26, 1891 in Williamson County to John Goodall Miller and Mary Ellen Krantz on a farm in Southern Township.

Nine years after Ray was born, according to the 1900 federal census, the family was living in Southern Precinct on the Miller family farm which they owned free of mortgage. Southern Township/Precinct starts just north of the Marion City Lake and included the villages of Hudgens and Chamness, extending south to Pulley’s Mill where Johnson County starts. Ray’s parents were farmers and were both in their mid-30’s. Children present in the home at the time were Ray aged 9 and daughter, Jessie M. aged 6. Ray’s mother indicated that she had birthed three children with two surviving indicating the loss of one child already in their marriage. Continue reading

Rodd, Harry R. 1912-1987, Marion Mayor 1947-1951

Harry R. Rodd was born August 15, 1912 in DuQuoin to Roy Edgar Rodd (1880-1968) and Lela May Calvert (1886-1974). Harry’s father, Roy, was born on a farm in Williamson County in 1880 in the now defunct Western precinct that we know today as Blairsville Township in the northwest corner of the county. He spent most of his life living in Marion and worked as an insurance salesman. Continue reading

Corder, Anderson P. 1811-1891, State Senator, Veteran of Two Wars

Of the many notable characters who have lived in Marion, Anderson P. Corder, could certainly be claimed as one of them.  Notes taken from the Nannie Gray Parks files at the Williamson County Historical Society says of him, “Many stories are told about Anderson P. Corder; John Gray and Carey E. Wiley knew him well. They said he was a very tall man and dressed well. He wore a “Stove Pipe” hat, a Prince Albert coat with a fancy vest draped with a large gold watch chain. He was considered a wit and smart in a way. Continue reading