Hall, William R. 1844-xxxx, 1875 Marion Mayor

William R. Hall, the 1875 Mayor of Marion, was born in Gallatin County, Illinois to John E. Hall (1814-1856) and Mary Hart Crenshaw (1818-1912) in 1844. Mary was the daughter of John Hart Crenshaw (1797–1871), owner of the old slave house located near Equality, Illinois and licensed overseer of salt production for the area. Continue reading

Westbrook, James W. 1855-1907, Mayor 1893-94

James William “Willie” Westbrook, the first President of the First National Bank and two term Marion Mayor, was born in Gallatin County, Illinois.  On January 26, 1855 his father, Francis M. Westbrook married Paulina Lafferty and on November 8, 1855, gave birth to their first child, James William.

In January 1857, his family moved to Marion and on the following July his father rented a building off of Samuel Dunaway at 116 E. Main St. on the corner of Madison Street and opened a general store. Continue reading

Davis, William T. 1842-1906, Mayor & County Treasurer

William Thompson Davis was a pioneer citizen of the county and according to his obituary was born in Saline Precinct, now named Stonefort Township, near what was known as Sayersville Bridge just west of Stonefort, January 31, 1842, and the entire sixty-four years of his life were spent as a citizen of Williamson County. His parents were John Tribble and Nancy (Thompson) Davis. Continue reading

Calhoun, George B. 1875-1946, Mayor and Circuit Clerk

George Benton Calhoun, Mayor of Marion in 1913 & 1914 and Williamson County Circuit Clerk, was born May 19, 1875 in Johnson County, the son of Thomas Hayes (1831-1894) and Mary Jane Elizabeth (Robinson) Calhoun (1837-1877. His siblings were: Martha Alice Calhoun, William M. Calhoun, James A. Calhoun, Sarah Francis Calhoun, Susan Calhoun, Charles R. Calhoun, Jacob Jefferson Calhoun and Thomas J. Calhoun. Continue reading

Whitcomb, Charles H. 1890-1969, Mayor & County Commissioner

Whitcomb, Herb 1967Charles Herbert “Herb” Whitcomb, mayor of Marion from 1931-1935 during the heart of the depression and two term County Commissioner, was born April 22, 1890 in Paducah, Kentucky to Charles Herbert Whitcomb, Sr. (1860-1896) and Mary Elizabeth Stanley (1863-1932). Continue reading