Evans, Dr. George W. 1848-1913, Alderman and Medical Doctor

George William Evans was the son of William Spratley Evans, M.D.  (1808-1904) and Martha Ann Moore (xxx-1924). He was born October 1, 1848 in Logan County, Kentucky. 

His father William S. Evans was the son of Benjamin Moseley Evans, a tailor of Murphysboro, North Carolina and was born July 18, 1808 in Southampton County, Virginia. His first wife was Mary J. Moore. They lived first in Henry County, Missouri and after three to five years they moved to Ashley, Washington County, Ill.  Two years later they moved to Marion, Illinois.  He graduated from Eclectic Medical College, Cincinnati and studied under Dr. Beach of New York. He began his practice of medicine in 1846.  He was nearly 70 when he quit practicing medicine.  He was also a licensed preacher from an early age in Virginia. William Spratley Evans died on April 26, 1904. Continue reading

Denison, Dr. Edward L. 1835-1900, Physician, Legislator and Marion Alderman


Dr. E.L. Denison by horse in front of his office in Marion, Illinois ca 1880. Unknown Goodall standing on walk. Photo courtesy of the Williamson County Museum

Dr. E.L. Denison by horse in front of his office in Marion, Illinois ca 1880. Unknown Goodall standing on walk. Photo courtesy of the Williamson County Museum

Dr. Edward L. Denison, physician, legislator and Marion Alderman, was born August 16, 1835, in Senaca, New York.  He was the son of Edward L. Denison (1789-1871) and Eveline Hitchcock (1808-1886) and the brother of prosperous Marion businessman and Mayor, Charles H. Denison.

Edward had four brothers and sisters:  David Delome Denison (1827-1864), Charles Hoton Denison (1837-1908), Harriet Newel Denison (1840) and Amelia Emma Denison (1843). Charles H. married Mary Elizabeth Bundy Mar. 21, 186x; Harriet married George A. Seaver June 20, 185x, and Amelia married J. D. Walden on October 24, 1864.

Edward L., the father, moved the family to Huron County, Ohio in 1844 and in the 1850 census the family was living in Ruggles, Ashland County, Ohio. All four of their children were born in Ohio.  He then moved the family on to McHenry County, Illinois in 1854.  Edward L., the son and our subject, attended college at Marengo Seminary and moved to Southern Illinois in 1857. He taught school in Jackson, Union and Williamson Counties and studied medicine. Continue reading

Hall, Wiley W. 1834-1883, Marion Trustee and Physician

Johnson CountyWiley W. Hall, three term Marion trustee and practicing physician, was born in 1834 to John Westley Hall (1797-1855) and Martha Denton (1802-xxxx) in Tennessee .

In 1850, Wiley was 16 years old living in Cocke County, Tennessee with his family.  There were seven other children in the family: Margaret, John W., Matilda, Abigail, Rachel, James N. and Royal. His father, John, was a Methodist clergyman.  Hamilton Kyle, 21, was living with them and had no occupation listed, but was likely a farm hand. Continue reading

Parmley, Dr. Joseph G. 1876-1954, Publisher of “Williamson County Physician”

Dr. Joseph Green Parmley was born on a farm near Golconda on October 24, 1876, the son of Rev. George W. Parmley and Mary Daniel.

He attended Creal Springs Academy and Southern Illinois University before teaching school in Marion for four years. In 1904, he entered the University of Louisville, School of Medicine and graduated in 1908. Continue reading

Hudson, Dr. Theodore 1850-1931, Dr.’s Hudson and Hudson

Dr. Theodore Hudson was born August 12, 1850 in Pennsylvania, the son of Dr. and Mrs. John Atchinson Hudson. He was the oldest of three children, his brother, Dr. George Hudson of Canton, Iowa having died at the home of Dr. Theodore Hudson of Marion, and his older brother, Joseph Hudson, a farmer who lived south of Marion, the father of Georgia and Ruth Hudson. Continue reading