Duncan, James H. 1840-1901, Merchant, Alderman, Sheriff, J.H. Duncan & Co., Duncan House

Duncan James HJames Hartwell Duncan, five term Marion alderman, three term county sheriff and Marion merchant, was born in 1840, the son of George W. Duncan (1817-1878) and Rosey A. Henson (1812-xxxx). James appears to have favored his middle name of Hartwell.

In the 1850 census, his parents, George and Rosey, had 7 children, 10 years of age and under: James H., 10; Mary A. and Nancy J., twins, 8; Elizabeth F., 6; Viola, 5.; Narcissa, 2; and George W., who was only a few months old. They were living in Williamson County, Illinois. Continue reading

Allen, Robert M. 1840-1885, Marion Alderman & County Sheriff

Robert M AllenRobert M. Allen, Marion Alderman and county sheriff, was born about 1840, the son of Willis Allen (1806-1859) and Elizabeth Joiner (1803-1862).

Robert’s father, Willis Allen, was born in Roanoke, Virginia, and worked as a farmer in Tennessee before moving to Franklin (now Williamson) County, Illinois in 1830. There he studied law and became a practicing attorney in Marion. Willis was elected sheriff of Franklin County in 1836 and served as the state representative in 1838. Continue reading

Goodall, Hardin 1833-1895, Merchant, City Trustee, Sheriff

Hardin Goodall, well known Marion merchant and city alderman who had several businesses, one of which was a dry goods store in partnership with James M. Burkhart at 600 Public Square, was County Sheriff in 1868 – 1870, the trying period after the Civil War. Continue reading

Harris, Henry S. 1847-1912, County Treasurer & Sheriff

Henry Scott Harris was a native of Robertson, Cheatham County, Tennessee, where he was born August 3, 1847, the son of James Thomas Harris (1819-1900) and Charlotte “Lottie” Lewis (1820-1867). He moved to Williamson County in 1854 with his parents and settled in Lake Creek Township not far from Herrin, where he lived nearly 33 years. His education was of the sort obtainable at the public schools, and he pursued his studies mostly at old Spillertown. Continue reading