1972, Marion Illinois Assets

I-57 is Biggest of Marion’s Assets

Interstate Rt. 57 is the biggest asset ever to come to Marion.”

Banker Oscar Schafale’s opinion is shared by others.

Franklyn Moreno, Greater Egypt Regional Planning and Development Commission, said I-57 with its connections to Interstate Rts. 24 and 64 and a proposed Southern Illinois freeway to St. Louis make “everything coming at Marion. It enhances it as being a central location.” Continue reading

Rascal Ridge School, Marion, Illinois

This old country school once sat outside of Marion, Illinois at the turn of the century. Its location is shown on a 1908 Williamson County Plat map. When the government began talking of buying the surrounding property up for a new VA hospital, Oldham Paisley had the foresight to grab this picture. Continue reading