Sneddon’s Confectionary, 1201 W. Main St.

Robert and David Sneddon opened Sneddon’s Confectionery at 1201 West Main Street in Marion in 1940. The two brothers came to America with their father James Sneddon in 1920, leaving their home in King’s Seat just across the Firth or Forth from Edinburgh and just west of St. Andrews and the North Sea. Continue reading

Motel Marion

There is always a certain amount of irony in life. During the depression of the 1930’s, many Marion citizens were forced to leave the area in search of jobs so they could feed their family. That fact, coupled with a loss of income and savings by many when banks closed, forced a number of families out of their homes. This culminated in over 400 Marion homes being demolished or moved and many more vacated. Continue reading

Pillow, George W. 1850-1936, 914 W. Main St.

George Washington Pillow began life at Metropolis, Massac Co., Illinois, May 15, 1850. He was the son of Capt. Parker B. Pillow, of Columbia, Tenn. who died in March, 1883, at Shawneetown, to which place he moved in 1852. The mother was Elizabeth Braisier a native of this state and lived at Shawneetown. Continue reading

Cooksey, J.M. 1868-1962, Cooksey Grocery

The building that housed Cooksey Grocery, located at 1801 W. Main Street, was originally purchased from Henry Brown by Joel Minsey Cooksey in 1911. Cooksey held the building for one year and sold it to M.C. Lawrence. Cooksey then repurchased the building in 1926 and operated it as a grocery by himself and then his son Joel Nicholas Cooksey until 1970 when the building and lot was purchased by Derby Refining Co. and served as a Derby service station. Continue reading