1950, Washington School Built in 1886 Still Serving Marion Youth

Washington School 1950Washington School, Built in 1886 Still Serving Marion’s Youth

The Washington School is probably the best constructed school building in the city system with the exception of the recently constructed Jefferson building. Rumors dating back nearly a decade have had the old seventh and eighth grade school condemned, or should be condemned. But the fact remains and backed up by state investigators, that the school is not condemned, never has been, and will not be condemned unless situation unforeseen make it so. Continue reading

Grant, Wendell L. 1893-1980, School Principal and WWI Vet

Wendell Leon Grant was born in Lake Creek Township in Williamson County, on January 26, 1893 to farmer Elijah Lodge Grant (1863-1943) and Sarah Ella O’Neal Grant (1867-1961). Leon Grant spent 54 years of his lengthy life in public service to his community and to his country serving in WWI and also as teacher and principle of the Washington School and principle of the Marion Junior High School. Continue reading

Marion School Postcards

These are a couple of postcards dating from around 1910 and 1934 that I thought you might like to see. Some of the individual pictures were pulled and used on seperate schools since early pictures are hard to come by.

(Photos courtesy of the Williamson County Historical Society)

Marion School History 1855 to Present

The first free school in Marion was organized in 1956 immediately following the legislative enactment of 1853 which provided for the maintenance of schools by public taxation. Prior to this, from 1836, subscription schools of varying degrees of excellence were maintained at irregular intervals. Continue reading

Marion High School History

In 1855, a four room frame building in the 200 Block of West Jefferson Street, was more than adequate for the city’s needs. This facility was called the “Washington Combined School” building and housed students from grade one (1) to grade twelve (12). About 1881, a two room addition was erected and then in 1885 the building was destroyed by fire. After the fire it was replaced with an eight room, two-story brick building which later received a four room addition. Continue reading